17. May, 23

The National GBM Proteomics project (PhD day at Rigshospitalet, February 2023)

We have finalized the data from our clinical phase II study, CA209-9UP, where we treated patients with recurrent glioblastoma with nivolumab and bevacizumab every second week.During the study, we gathered 19 paired tumor samples from which we analyzed proteomics.

The paired samples where tumor samples from the primary and recurrent setting.We found that the primary samples were much more homogeneous in the proteomic space. Suggesting that more clinical trials could be placed in the primary setting – if we wish for a ‘one strike fits all’ approach. We found that some proteins were the same, while some seemed to be tumor specific.

We compared our data to Dekker et al. which investigated proteomics on eight paired GBM samples from the Netherlands.(1) Interestingly, we found some proteins that were the same. So far targets are mostly found at the DNA level, however, the drugs work on the protein level. Let’s gather our protein samples nationally and move forward to explore the tumors’ proteomical space.

The Neurogenom protocol allows us to collaborate and investigate to unravel this mysterious tumor. 

By Simone Bendix Maarup and Anne Dorte Schou Nørøxe (February 2023)