24. March, 22

New release on the book “Brain Tumor Stories – when life strikes knots”

Announcement from The Danish Brain Tumor Association – a new release on “Brain Tumor Stories – when life strikes knots” the book is in Danish only:  ”Hjernetumorfortællinger – når livet slår knuder”

The brain tumor narratives have been created with support from The Danish Cancer Society, and over a long period of time as a writing therapy and a narrative technical writing by members of the Brain Tumor Association along with the writing mentor and author, Charlotte Heje Haase, where the participants wrote and read aloud for each other.

The book, which was published by ‘Bare Skriv’ on March 29, 2022, can be pre-ordered from online bookstores and bookstores. The sale price is DKK 249.00.