19. May, 22

May 2022 – Monthly portrait of a young researcher

Peter Jagd Sørensen, PhD Student, BSc Eng, MD

Peter Jagd Sørensen is currently working for WP19 ’ Physiological MRI for treatment prognosis and response monitoring of GBM’.

Research areas

  • Neuroradiology
  • Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI
  • Machine learning
  • 3D tumour segmentation

Peter Jagd Sørensen is MD from the University of Copenhagen and BSc Eng (Electrical Engineering) from the Technical University of Denmark with training in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), machine learning and programming. Alongside his medical training and together with fellow engineers, he has launched a private business, developing and implementing IT infrastructures in small and medium sized companies, where he for several years worked as consultant and managing director. His education and technical experience have allowed him to take on versatile roles in his field of research and to contribute with expertise in both medical, engineering and computer sciences.

In WP19, Peter Jagd Sørensen is working on improving MRI response monitoring of GBM brain cancer. Specifically, his research projects investigate the potential benefits by inclusion to the follow-up MRI scan protocol of quantitative physiological MRI and novel artificial intelligence methods for automatic 3D tumour segmentation.

The goal of incorporating physiological MRI in the response monitoring is to further the understanding of blood-brain-barrier (BBB) disruption in GBM and to achieve better differentiation between disease progression (active tumour), pseudoprogression (accumulation of inflammatory response cells) and treatment-induced necrosis on MRI. If novel artificial intelligence methods for automatic 3D tumour segmentation are validated, they may allow more accurate and more reliable estimation of tumour burden. Achieving these goals will improve treatment response monitoring and thus provide a more solid foundation for clinical decision-making and personalised treatment of GBM cancer patients. 

Peter Jagd Sørensen is a PhD student in the group of Clinical Professor Adam Espe Hansen at the Department of Radiology at Rigshospitalet. His project aims to improve the response monitoring of Glioblastoma (GBM) brain cancer under DCCC work package 19 (WP19).