22. August, 22

Major research grant for glioblastom research

Congratulations to professor, Bjarne Winther Kristensen, our Principal Investigator for WP 3.

Bjarne and his team recently received DKK 2,863,200 from Denmark’s Free Research Foundation for Health and Disease (in Danish Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond for Sundhed og Sygdom (FSS)) for the project: “Targeting glioblastoma recurrence by novel insight into the post-surgical microenvironment in patients”.

In the project, the post-surgical microenvironment is investigated with spatial transcriptomics (GeoMx) and new targets tested in a pre-clinical relapse animal model, which the research group has developed in a recently completed PhD project published in Neuro Oncology (PMID: 34964899) 

Postdoc Signe Regner Michaelsen is mainly responsible for the project.

We are very happy for the acknowledgement in favor of Signe Regner Michaelsen and Bjarne Winther Kristensen for their Glioblastom research, which is beneficial to all of us.