20. October, 22

2nd annual meeting 2022

In October we were happy to present a strong scientific program of the 2nd annual meeting, focusing ontumor heterogeneity.

A group of highly distinguished international and national scientists shared their knowledge with us. In the digital booklet you find all you need to know about 2nd Annual Meeting 2022. 

The DCCC Brain Tumor Center is truly a national center, and with great pleasure the event was hosted by Professor Morten Høyer, member of board of the DCCC Brain Tumor Center, and Medical Director of the Danish Center for Particle Therapy, in the beautiful surroundings of the ARoS Art Museum.

Once again our international scientific advisory board supported us. With the presence of Professor Webster Cavenee, Professor Manfred Westphal, and Professor Michael Weller, engaging in presentations and discussions. We hope the meeting will open people’s eyes and make them to think tumor heterogeneity into future clinical trials.